TADRRweb: a webserver for assessing safety liabilities of drugs through the network of Drug-Target-Adverse Drug Reactions


Lack of safety is an important issue facing by nearly half of drug candidates in thePre-clinical development. TADRRweb is a web server that provides an opportunity to infer, monitor and evaluate potential safety risks via target-adverse drug reaction (ADR) relations derived from pharmacology profile and ADR profile of known drugs.

Through TADRRweb, scientists can identify safety issues, thus better managing clinical liabilities at any stages of drug discovery and development process. Based on 2D chemical structure of a drug lead compound, its safety pharmacology profile will be predicted and the resultant profile of potential ADRs will be suggested. This information would assist to focus medicinal chemistry efforts on the areas of greatest risk. The underlying principle of our method is that protein targets and ADRs could be related together based on the drugs they are both associated and statistical significance of these relationships would be determined mathematically (enrichment factor).

TADRRweb offers multiple viewpoints about drug selectivity and safety through the network of drug-target-ADR relationships.


In current Version (beta version), TADRR included:

  • 866 drugs
  • 195 targets(activition and inhibition)
  • 1,499 ADRs
  • 1,938 Drug-Target connections
  • 101,499 Drug-ADR associations
  • 6,522 Target-ADR relations

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  • Xiaohui Fan's group
  • Zhejiang University