How to Build CHD@ZJU

CHD related Articles were retrieved from Pubmed, by entering keywords "coronary heart disease" and constrict the publish date from 2000/1/1 to now (2013/1/23). As a result, totally 115898 articles were found and their abstracts were downloaded for text mining. Since some articles didn't contain abstracts, only 88396 abstracts remained.

The text-mining process to get CHD related genes could be divided in to 5 following steps:

  • 1) Extracting all keywords from abstracts and ignoring those keywords start with numbers. 101402 keywords were extracted.

  • 2) Input these keywords into Gene library in ArrayTrack and find possible related genes. 4674 genes were then found.

  • 3) Put these 4674 genes again into pubmed abstracts to find related aticles. Only genes which offical name or there keyword description (such as prolactin for gene PRL) could be found in the abstract would be remained. As a result, 1247 genes were remained.

  • 4) Manually examined on the 1247 genes to validate it was acutally related to CHD. Some genes would be filtered if it represents other meanings (such as gene CAD, Entrez ID:790, carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase 2, is mostly meant coronary arterial disease in articles). 681 genes were then validated with at least one reference.

  • 5) All genes was compared with 1078 CHD genes in RGD database, and 370 genes were overlapped. These 370 genes were labels as "RGD_Supported" and the other 293 genes were labels as "REFERED". All 663 genes had supported references in CHD@ZJU which were examined by step 4.
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    Basic Information

    Gene Name: ANG

    Description: "angiogenin, ribonuclease, RNase A family, 5"

    Entrez Gene ID: 283

    SwissProt Acc Number: P03950

    RefSeq: NM_001097577

    It was suspected to be CHD related:

    ..Pharmacological blockade of the ANG II type 1 receptor (AT1R) is a common therapy for treatment of congestive heart failure and hypertension..

    From PMID: 22886417, in Journal Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol , 2012


    There were 105 potential papers with ANG and CHD.

    23832698 Angiotensin II-mediated posttranslational modification of nNOS in the PVN of rats with CHF: role for PIN.American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiologyMore Details
    23792185 Swimming training prevents fat deposition and decreases angiotensin II-induced coronary vasoconstriction in ovariectomized rats.PeptidesMore Details
    24164503 Recent progress in the treatment of cardiovascular disease using olmesartan."Clinical and experimental hypertension (New York, N.Y. : 1993)"More Details
    23257024 Inhibition of brain angiotensin III attenuates sympathetic hyperactivity and cardiac dysfunction in rats post-myocardial infarction.Cardiovascular researchMore Details
    23849603 Effects of traditional Chinese medicine Xin-Ji-Er-Kang formula on 2K1C hypertensive rats: role of oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction.BMC complementary and alternative medicineMore Details
    23013041 The ACE2 gene: its potential as a functional candidate for cardiovascular disease."Clinical science (London, England : 1979)"More Details
    23392788 Renin-angiotensin system genetic polymorphisms: Lack of association with CRP levels in patients with coronary artery disease.Journal of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system : JRAASMore Details
    23432153 Emerging markers in cardiovascular disease: where does angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 fit in?Clinical and experimental pharmacology & physiologyMore Details
    24167376 Association between angiotensin II type 1 receptor polymorphism and sudden cardiac death in myocardial infarction.Disease markersMore Details
    22832534 Impact of maternal dexamethasone on coronary PGE(2) production and prostaglandin-dependent coronary reactivity."American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative"More Details
    22886417 beta-Arrestin-biased AT1R stimulation promotes cell survival during acute cardiac injury.American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiologyMore Details
    22982778 Preconditioning protects the heart in a prolonged uremic condition.American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiologyMore Details
    22389386 Heart angiotensin II-induced cardiomyocyte hypertrophy suppresses coronary angiogenesis and progresses diabetic cardiomyopathy.American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiologyMore Details
    22301421 Utility of exercise stress echocardiography in pediatric cardiac transplant recipients: a single-center experience.The Journal of heart and lung transplantation : the official publication of theMore Details
    21938018 LOX-1 abrogation reduces cardiac hypertrophy and collagen accumulation following chronic ischemia in the mouse.Gene therapyMore Details
    21167013 Impairment of cardiac function and remodeling induced by myocardial infarction in rats are attenuated by the nonpeptide angiotensin-(1-7) analog AVE 0991.Cardiovascular therapeuticsMore Details
    22870080 Serial plasma levels of angiogenic factors in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention.Korean circulation journalMore Details
    21622819 Both AT(1) and AT(2) receptors mediate proliferation and migration of porcine vascular smooth muscle cells.American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiologyMore Details
    21825227 Angiotensin II impairs endothelial progenitor cell number and function in vitro and in vivo: implications for vascular regeneration.HypertensionMore Details
    21831995 Decreased nNOS in the PVN leads to increased sympathoexcitation in chronic heart failure: role for CAPON and Ang II.Cardiovascular researchMore Details
    21546606 Insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor identifies a pool of human cardiac stem cells with superior therapeutic potential for myocardial regeneration.Circulation researchMore Details
    21596033 Relationship between angiotensin II receptor expression and cardiovascular risk factors in Mexican patients with coronary occlusive disease.Experimental and molecular pathologyMore Details
    21991351 Inhibition of cardiac sympathetic afferent reflex and sympathetic activity by baroreceptor and vagal afferent inputs in chronic heart failure.PloS oneMore Details
    21747998 Endothelin but Not Angiotensin II May Mediate Hypertension-Induced Coronary Vascular Calcification in Chronic Kidney Disease.International journal of nephrologyMore Details
    20625318 Beneficial cardiac effects of the renin inhibitor aliskiren in spontaneously hypertensive rats.Journal of hypertensionMore Details
    20811386 Levosimendan improves cardiac function and survival in rats with angiotensin II-induced hypertensive heart failure.Hypertension research : official journal of the Japanese Society of HypertensionMore Details
    20507236 ACE2 overexpression ameliorates left ventricular remodeling and dysfunction in a rat model of myocardial infarction.Human gene therapyMore Details
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    16099221 AT1 receptor in paraventricular nucleus mediates the enhanced cardiac sympathetic afferent reflex in rats with chronic heart failure.Autonomic neuroscience : basic & clinicalMore Details
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    10916078 Angiotensin II-induced growth of vascular smooth muscle cells requires an Src-dependent activation of the epidermal growth factor receptor.Kidney internationalMore Details

    NOTEs: These result is mostly from TEXT-MINING and there might have mismatches.

    PPI interactions

    There were totally 9 unique genes interacted with ANG. Show PPI network

    Gene nameInteraction typereference PMIDCHD relation
    TP53 Affinity Capture-Western22266868 CHD related
    ACTN2 in vitro;in vivo;yeast 2-hybrid15737636 No
    ACTC1 in vitro;in vivo;yeast 2-hybrid8127865 CHD related
    ATP6AP1 Two-hybrid16169070 No
    PTEN Two-hybrid16169070 CHD related
    TDGF1 Two-hybrid16169070 No
    RNH1 Co-crystal Structure9311977|2742853,9311977,2276743 No
    MDM2 Affinity Capture-Western22266868 CHD related
    TNFSF8 in vitro11751393 No

    Involved FDA drugs

    StatusDrubBank IDNameIndicationATC Code
    experimentalDB02212Pyrophosphate 2-
    experimentalDB03088Pyroglutamic Acid
    experimentalDB04272Citric AcidA09AB04