How to Build CHD@ZJU

CHD related Articles were retrieved from Pubmed, by entering keywords "coronary heart disease" and constrict the publish date from 2000/1/1 to now (2013/1/23). As a result, totally 115898 articles were found and their abstracts were downloaded for text mining. Since some articles didn't contain abstracts, only 88396 abstracts remained.

The text-mining process to get CHD related genes could be divided in to 5 following steps:

  • 1) Extracting all keywords from abstracts and ignoring those keywords start with numbers. 101402 keywords were extracted.

  • 2) Input these keywords into Gene library in ArrayTrack and find possible related genes. 4674 genes were then found.

  • 3) Put these 4674 genes again into pubmed abstracts to find related aticles. Only genes which offical name or there keyword description (such as prolactin for gene PRL) could be found in the abstract would be remained. As a result, 1247 genes were remained.

  • 4) Manually examined on the 1247 genes to validate it was acutally related to CHD. Some genes would be filtered if it represents other meanings (such as gene CAD, Entrez ID:790, carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase 2, is mostly meant coronary arterial disease in articles). 681 genes were then validated with at least one reference.

  • 5) All genes was compared with 1078 CHD genes in RGD database, and 370 genes were overlapped. These 370 genes were labels as "RGD_Supported" and the other 293 genes were labels as "REFERED". All 663 genes had supported references in CHD@ZJU which were examined by step 4.
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    Basic Information

    Gene Name: NR3C1

    Description: "nuclear receptor subfamily 3, group C, member 1 (glucocorticoid receptor)"

    Entrez Gene ID: 2908

    SwissProt Acc Number: P04150

    RefSeq: NM_000176

    It was suspected to be CHD related:

    .."Overweight is associated with the N363S variant in the glucocorticoid receptor (encoded by nuclear receptor subfamily 3, group C, member 1 gene: NR3C1).Frequency of the S363 allele was 0.04 in healthy normal-weight control subjects but was 0.15 in patients with CAD (P=2.0x10(-5)).The data suggest a role for glucocorticoid receptor variation in the underlying cause of CAD."..

    From PMID: 12623935, in Journal Hypertension. , 2003


    There were 4 potential papers with NR3C1 and CHD.

    23151527 Association of glucocorticoid receptor gene NR3C1 genetic variants with angiographically documented coronary artery disease and its risk factors.Archives of medical researchMore Details
    23076843 Generalized glucocorticoid resistance caused by a novel two-nucleotide deletion in the hormone-binding domain of the glucocorticoid receptor gene NR3C1.European journal of endocrinology / European Federation of Endocrine SocietiesMore Details
    19783104 Glucocorticoid receptor gene and depression in patients with coronary heart disease: the Heart and Soul Study-2009 Curt Richter Award Winner.PsychoneuroendocrinologyMore Details
    12623935 Association of coronary artery disease with glucocorticoid receptor N363S variant.HypertensionMore Details

    NOTEs: These result is mostly from TEXT-MINING and there might have mismatches.

    PPI interactions

    There were totally 152 unique genes interacted with NR3C1. Show PPI network

    Gene nameInteraction typereference PMIDCHD relation
    ECD Two-hybrid9928932 No
    RAD9A Reconstituted Complex14966297 No
    JUN Reconstituted Complex14522952 CHD related
    STAT3 Reconstituted Complex14522952|9388192|14522952,9388192 CHD related
    NCOA3 Affinity Capture-Western12917342|11266503|18160712 No
    SMARCA4 Affinity Capture-Western12917342|10688647 No
    SMARCC1 Affinity Capture-Western12917342 No
    SMARCD1 Affinity Capture-Western12917342 No
    SMARCE1 Affinity Capture-Western12917342 No
    NRIP1 Affinity Capture-Western12773562|11266503|10364267 No
    DAXX Affinity Capture-Western12595526|17081986|17081986 No
    MED1 Reconstituted Complex11266503 No
    NCOA1 Reconstituted Complex11266503|9590696 No
    NCOA2 Reconstituted Complex11266503|9590696 No
    CREBBP Reconstituted Complex9649342|9590696|20018896|20018896 No
    KDM5A Reconstituted Complex11358960 No
    MED14 Two-hybrid10508170|10508170 No
    TSG101 Two-hybrid10508170|15657031 No
    HSPD1 Two-hybrid10508170 CHD related
    RAN Two-hybrid10508170 No
    ARPC5 Two-hybrid10508170 No
    NCOR1 Two-hybrid12569182|12011091|12011091 No
    HSP90AA1 Co-localization10066374|8898375|8645634|8621522|16087666 CHD related
    TXN Reconstituted Complex9915858 CHD related
    DAP3 Two-hybrid10903152 No
    ETS2 Affinity Capture-Western11279115 No
    HNRNPU Affinity Capture-Western9353307 No
    YWHAH Two-hybrid9079630|9079630|9079630,12730237,11266503 No
    NCL Reconstituted Complex11162542 No
    NR3C1 Co-crystal Structure12151000|12773573,9482670,10364267 CHD related
    CREB1 Reconstituted Complex8449898|7621901,8449898 No
    NFKB1 Reconstituted Complex7823959|16380507 CHD related
    NFKB2 Reconstituted Complex7823959 No
    RELA Affinity Capture-Western8290595 CHD related
    HMGB1 Reconstituted Complex9671457 CHD related
    HMGB2 Reconstituted Complex9671457 No
    NCOR2 Two-hybrid12011091 No
    CALR Reconstituted Complex8107808|8107808,9089287 No
    PBX1 Affinity Capture-Western12487626 No
    HOXB1 Affinity Capture-Western12487626 No
    BAG1 Reconstituted Complex9603979 No
    TP53 Affinity Capture-Western11080152|11562347 CHD related
    RAF1 Affinity Capture-Western11005817 CHD related
    ONECUT1 Reconstituted Complex10430878 No
    SMARCA2 Affinity Capture-Western17043312 No
    MSX2 Two-hybrid20211142 No
    PML Two-hybrid20211142 No
    RXRB Two-hybrid20211142 No
    NR2E3 Two-hybrid20211142 No
    RBM14 Two-hybrid20211142 No
    MAFF Two-hybrid20211142 No
    ZBTB20 Two-hybrid20211142 No
    ZBTB3 Two-hybrid20211142 No
    ZNF496 Two-hybrid20211142 No
    ZBTB9 Two-hybrid20211142 No
    HDAC1 Affinity Capture-Western16762839 CHD related
    GRIP1 Affinity Capture-Western16423881 No
    SRC Affinity Capture-Western16423881|18160712 CHD related
    UBC Affinity Capture-Western12490527|11555652|11146632|15761032 No
    HDAC2 Affinity Capture-Western10958685 CHD related
    NR2F2 Two-hybrid14739255|14739255|14739255|14739255 No
    EP300 Affinity Capture-Western17884810 CHD related
    MDM2 Affinity Capture-Western11562347 CHD related
    HDAC6 Affinity Capture-Western20018896|20018896 No
    FTH1 Two-hybrid15604093 No
    HNRNPA1 Two-hybrid15604093 No
    STIP1 Reconstituted Complex9148915 No
    NR0B1 Protein-peptide18160712 No
    SUMO1 Affinity Capture-Western18562626|17081986 No
    UBE2L3 Two-hybrid17003263|17003263 No
    GNB1 Two-hybrid15955845 No
    GNB2 Two-hybrid15955845 No
    GNB2L1 Two-hybrid15955845 No
    FKBP5 Affinity Capture-Western20661446 No
    PPP5C Affinity Capture-Western20661446 No
    DNAJC7 Affinity Capture-Western20661446 No
    PPID Affinity Capture-Western20661446 No
    CALM1 in vitro;in vivo7887964 No
    SLC25A4 in vivo12039962 No
    SFN Two-hybrid12730237|12730237 No
    TGFB1I1 Two-hybrid10848625|10848625 No
    NCOA6 Reconstituted Complex10567404|10866662|10866662|10866662 No
    RANBP9 Two-hybrid12361945|12361945 No
    ZBTB16 Reconstituted Complex14521715|14521715 No
    SMAD3 Affinity Capture-Western12902338|12902338|12902338,10518526 CHD related
    TDG Reconstituted Complex12874288 No
    NEDD4L Reconstituted Complex9649342 No
    TBP Reconstituted Complex9649342|9649342 No
    TADA2A Reconstituted Complex9649342 No
    POU2F1 Reconstituted Complex10480874|10490647,10480874,9584182,14522952,11096094 No
    POU2F2 Reconstituted Complex10480874|10490647,10480874,9584182 No
    Psmc3ip Reconstituted Complex11739747|11739747 No
    POU1F1 Reconstituted Complex9426156|9426156 No
    CEBPB Two-hybrid9817600|9817600|9817600 No
    CEBPA Reconstituted Complex9817600 No
    HSPA1A Reconstituted Complex12093808|12093808 CHD related
    SVIL Two-hybrid11792840 No
    STAT5B Affinity Capture-Western8878484|11158330,8878484,9528750 No
    DDX54 Reconstituted Complex12466272|12466272 No
    FKBP4 Reconstituted Complex8341706|8341706 No
    PIAS2 Reconstituted Complex11117529 No
    ADA Reconstituted Complex9154805 CHD related
    TRIM24 Reconstituted Complex9115274|9115274 No
    NR2F6 Reconstituted Complex10713182 No
    PPARGC1A Two-hybrid10713165|10713165 CHD related
    TRIM28 Affinity Capture-Western9742105|9742105|9742105 No
    NR3C2 Reconstituted Complex11154266|11154266|11154266 CHD related
    PTGES3 Affinity Capture-Western10691735|10691735 No
    SFPQ Affinity Capture-Western19339282 No
    PTMS Affinity Capture-Western16150697|10601862 No
    SET Two-hybrid18096310|18096310 No
    LRIF1 Reconstituted Complex17455211 No
    HSP82 Affinity Capture-Western21419342 No
    STUB1 Affinity Capture-Western11146632 No
    MED25 Two-hybrid17641689 No
    HMOX2 Two-hybrid21900206 No
    OSGEP Two-hybrid21900206 No
    NR4A1 Two-hybrid21900206 CHD related
    SUMO2 Affinity Capture-MS21693764|19471022 No
    LCK Affinity Capture-Western16888650 No
    FYN Affinity Capture-Western16888650 No
    CD4 Affinity Capture-Western16888650 CHD related
    CD3G Affinity Capture-Western16888650 No
    SUMO4 Affinity Capture-Western16236267|16236267 CHD related
    KAT5 Two-hybrid11591700 No
    ELAVL1 Affinity Capture-RNA19322201 No
    PSMD7 Affinity Capture-Western12237292 No
    NR1H3 Two-hybrid22457708 CHD related
    DCAF6 Affinity Capture-Western15784617|15784617 No
    MAGEA11 Affinity Capture-Western21730049 No
    RAD54L2 Reconstituted Complex19692572 No
    PRKDC Biochemical Activity9038175|9038175 No
    MAPK15 yeast 2-hybrid16624805 No
    UBB in vivo11146632 No
    CHD9 in vitro;in vivo16523501 No
    SYT1 in vivo;yeast 2-hybrid16143103 No
    RARA yeast 2-hybrid17641689 No
    IDE in vivo8051160 No
    IFNGR2 in vitro8349631 No
    ETS1 in vitro11279115 CHD related
    MAPK1 in vitro;in vivo12351702,9199329 CHD related
    AR in vitro;yeast 2-hybrid9162033 CHD related
    KPNA2 in vivo12933681 No
    MAPK8 in vitro;in vivo12351702,9199329 CHD related
    STAT5A in vitro;in vivo9528750 No
    SMARCB1 in vitro;in vivo10688647 No
    PRKACA in vitro;in vivo11027313 CHD related
    RNF14 in vitro;in vivo10085091 No
    UBE2I in vitro;yeast 2-hybrid11812797 No
    PELP1 in vitro12415108 No
    PRPF6 in vivo12039962 No
    COPS6 in vitro12237292 No

    Involved FDA drugs

    StatusDrubBank IDNameIndicationATC Code
    approvedDB00180FlunisolideFor the maintenance treatment of asthma as a prophylactic therapy.R01AD04;R03BA03
    approvedDB00223DiflorasoneFor relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid responsive dermatoses.D07AC10
    approvedDB00240AlclometasoneFor the relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses.D07AB10;S01BA10
    approvedDB00253Medrysone"For the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis, vernal conjunctivitis, episcleritis, and epinephrine sensitivity."S01BA08
    approvedDB00288AmcinonideFor the relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses.D07AC11
    approvedDB00324Fluorometholone"For the ophthalmic treatment of corticosteroid-responsive inflammation of the palpebral and bulbar conjunctiva, cornea and anterior segment of the globe."C05AA06;D07AB06;D07XB04;D10AA01;S01BA07;S01CB05
    approvedDB00351Megestrol"For the treatment of anorexia, cachexia, or an unexplained, significant weight loss in patients with a diagnosis of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Also used for the palliative management of recurrent, inoperable, or metastatic breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and prostate cancer in Canada and some other countries."G03AC05;G03DB02;L02AB01;G03DB04
    approvedDB00394Beclometasone dipropionate"For the maintenance treatment of asthma as prophylactic therapy in patients 5 years of age and older. Also being investigated for oral treatment in mild-to-moderate Crohn's disease of ileal or ileal-right colonic localisation and for ""topical"" use mild-to-moderate graft versus host disease."A07EA07;D07AC15;R01AD01;R03BA01
    approvedDB00443Betamethasone"<b>Topical use (cream, lotion and ointment):</b> for relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses<br/><b>Topical use (foam):</b> relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses of the scalp<br/><b>Systemic use:</b> for the treatment of edocrine disorders, rheumatic disorders, collagen diseases, dermatological diseases, allergic states, ophthalmic diseases, respiratory diseases, hematologic disorders, neoplastic diseases, edematous states, gastrointestinal diseases, tuberculous meningitis and trichinosis."A07EA04;C05AA05;D07AC01;D07XC01;H02AB01;R01AD06;R03BA04;S01BA06;S01CB04;S02BA07;S03BA03
    approvedDB00547DesoximetasoneFor the relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses.D07AC03;D07XC02
    approvedDB00588Fluticasone PropionateFor the maintenance treatment of asthma as prophylactic therapy and for patients requiring oral corticosteroid therapy for asthma.D07AC17;R01AD08;R03BA05
    approvedDB00591Fluocinolone AcetonideFor the relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses. Also for the treatment of chronic non-infectious uveitis affecting the posterior segment of the eye (Retisert).C05AA10;D07AC04;S01BA15;S02BA08
    approvedDB00596Halobetasol PropionateFor the relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses.D07AC21
    approvedDB00620TriamcinoloneFor the treatment of perennial and seasonal allergic rhinitis.A01AC01;D07AB09;D07XB02;H02AB08;R01AD11;R03BA06;S01BA05;C05AA12
    approvedDB00635Prednisone"For the treatment of drug-induced allergic reactions, perennial or seasonal allergic rhinitis, serum sickness, giant cell arteritis acute rheumatic or nonrheumatic carditis, systemic dermatomyositis, systemic lupus erythematosus, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, exfoliative dermatitis, bullous dermatitis herpetiformis, severe seborrheic dermatitis, severe (Stevens-Johnson syndrome) erythema multiforme, mycosis fungoides, pemphigus, severe psoriasis, acute adrenocortical insufficiency, Addison's disease, secondary adrenocortical insufficiency, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, hypercalcemia associated with neoplasms, nonsuppurative thyroiditis, ulceratice colitis, Crohn's disease, acquired hemolytic anemia, congenital hypoplastic anemia, erythroblastopenia, adult secondary thrombocytopenia, adult idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, acute or subacute bursitis, epicondylitis, acute nonspecific tenosynovitis, acute or chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Hodgkin's or non-Hodgkin's lynphomas, Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia, primary brain tumors (adjunct), nephrotic syndrome, tuberculous meningitis, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis. cerebral edema, chorioretinitis, diffuse posterior choroiditis, aleergic conjunctivitis, Herpes zoster ophthalmicus, anterior segment inflammation, iridocyclitis, iritis, keratitis, optoc neuritis, sympathetic ophthalmia, corneal marginal allergic ulcers, symptomatic sarcoidosis, Loeffler's syndrome not manageable by other means, berylliosis, fulminating or disseminated pulmonary tuberculosis when used concurrently with appropriate antituberculous chemotherapy and aspiration pneumonitis."A07EA03;H02AB07;H02AB15
    approvedDB00663Flumethasone Pivalate"For the treatment of contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, exczema, psoriasis, diaper rash and other skin conditions"C05AA10;D07AC04
    approvedDB00687FludrocortisoneFor partial replacement therapy for primary and secondary adrenocortical insufficiency in Addison's disease and for the treatment of salt-losing adrenogenital syndrome.H02AA02
    approvedDB00741Hydrocortisone"For the relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses. Also used to treat endocrine (hormonal) disorders (adrenal insufficiency, Addisons disease). It is also used to treat many immune and allergic disorders, such as arthritis, lupus, severe psoriasis, severe asthma, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's disease."A01AC03;A07EA02;C05AA01;D07AA02;D07AB02;D07AB11;D07AC16;D07XA01;H02AB09;S01BA02;S01CB03;S02BA01
    approvedDB00764MometasoneThe inhaler is indicated for the maintenance treatment of asthma as prophylactic therapy. The nasal spray is indicated for the treatment of the nasal symptoms of seasonal allergic and perennial allergic rhinitis.D07AC13;D07XC03;R01AD09;R03BA07
    approvedDB00769HydrocortamateUsed topically as an antiinflammatory in the treatment of steroid-responsive dermatosesA07EA04;C05AA05;D07AC01
    approvedDB00834MifepristoneFor the medical termination of intrauterine pregnancy through 49 days' pregnancy. Also indicated to control hyperglycemia secondary to hypercortisolism in adult patients with endogenous Cushing's syndrome who have type 2 diabetes mellitus or glucose intolerance.G03XB01
    approvedDB00838ClocortoloneFor short-term topical treatment of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of moderate to severe corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses of the scalp.D07AB21
    approvedDB00846Flurandrenolide"For relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses, particularly dry, scaling localized lesions"
    approvedDB00860Prednisolone"For the treatment of primary or secondary adrenocortical insufficiency, such as congenital adrenal hyperplasia, thyroiditis. Also used to treat psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, bursitis, acute gouty arthritis and epicondylitis. Also indicated for treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus, pemphigus and acute rhematic carditis. Can be used in the treatment of leukemias, lymphomas, thrombocytopenia purpura and autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Can be used to treat celiac disease, insulin resistance, ulcerative colitis and liver disorders."A07EA01;C05AA04;D07AA01;D07AA03;D07AC14;D07XA02;D10AA02;H02AB04;H02AB06;R01AD02;S01BA04;S01CB02;S02BA03;S03BA02;H02AB07
    approvedDB00873Loteprednol"As an ophthalmic it is used for the treatment of steroid responsive inflammatory conditions of the eye such as allergic conjunctivitis, uveitis, acne rosacea, superficial punctate keratitis, herpes zoster keratitis, iritis, cyclitis, and selected infective conjunctivitides. As a nasal spray, used for the treatment and management of seasonal allergic rhinitis."S01BA14
    approvedDB00896RimexoloneFor the treatment of postoperative inflammation following ocular surgery and in the treatment of anterior uveitis.H02AB12;S01BA13
    approvedDB00959MethylprednisoloneAdjunctive therapy for short-term administration in rheumatoid arthritis.D07AA01;D07AC14;D10AA02;H02AB04
    approvedDB01013ClobetasolFor short-term topical treatment of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of moderate to severe corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses of the scalp.D07AD01
    approvedDB01047FluocinonideA topical anti-inflammatory product for the relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses.C05AA11;D07AC08
    approvedDB01130PrednicarbateFor the relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses.D07AC18;V01AA07;V01AA03
    illicit;approvedDB01185Fluoxymesterone"In males, used as replacement therapy in conditions associated with symptoms of deficiency or absence of endogenous testosterone. In females, for palliation of androgenresponsive recurrent mammary cancer in women who are more than one year but less than five years postmenopausal."G03BA01
    approvedDB01222Budesonide"For the treatment of mild to moderate active Crohn's disease. Also for the treatment of asthma, non-infectious rhinitis (including hay fever and other allergies), and for treatment and prevention of nasal polyposis."A07EA06;D07AC09;R01AD05;R03BA02
    approvedDB01260DesonideFor the relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid responsive dermatose.D07AC09;R03BA02;S01BA11;A07EA06;D07AB08;R01AD05
    approvedDB01380Cortisone acetate"For the relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses. Also used to treat endocrine (hormonal) disorders (adrenal insufficiency, Addisons disease). It is also used to treat many immune and allergic disorders."
    approvedDB01384ParamethasoneFor the treatment of all conditions in which corticosteroid therapy is indicated except adrenal-deficiency states for which its lack of sodium-retaining properties makes it less suitable than hydrocortisone with supplementary fludrocortisone.H02AB05
    approvedDB01410CiclesonideFor the treatment of nasal symptoms associated with seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis in adults and adolescents 12 years of age and older.R03BA08
    approvedDB06781DifluprednateFor the treatment of inflammation and pain associated with ocular surgery.D07AC19