How to Build CHD@ZJU

CHD related Articles were retrieved from Pubmed, by entering keywords "coronary heart disease" and constrict the publish date from 2000/1/1 to now (2013/1/23). As a result, totally 115898 articles were found and their abstracts were downloaded for text mining. Since some articles didn't contain abstracts, only 88396 abstracts remained.

The text-mining process to get CHD related genes could be divided in to 5 following steps:

  • 1) Extracting all keywords from abstracts and ignoring those keywords start with numbers. 101402 keywords were extracted.

  • 2) Input these keywords into Gene library in ArrayTrack and find possible related genes. 4674 genes were then found.

  • 3) Put these 4674 genes again into pubmed abstracts to find related aticles. Only genes which offical name or there keyword description (such as prolactin for gene PRL) could be found in the abstract would be remained. As a result, 1247 genes were remained.

  • 4) Manually examined on the 1247 genes to validate it was acutally related to CHD. Some genes would be filtered if it represents other meanings (such as gene CAD, Entrez ID:790, carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase 2, is mostly meant coronary arterial disease in articles). 681 genes were then validated with at least one reference.

  • 5) All genes was compared with 1078 CHD genes in RGD database, and 370 genes were overlapped. These 370 genes were labels as "RGD_Supported" and the other 293 genes were labels as "REFERED". All 663 genes had supported references in CHD@ZJU which were examined by step 4.
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    Basic Information

    Gene Name: PCSK9

    Description: proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9

    Entrez Gene ID: 255738

    SwissProt Acc Number: Q8NBP7

    RefSeq: NM_174936

    It was suspected to be CHD related:

    .."This study identifies the residues, sequence segments and surface patches of PCSK9 that are under strong purifying selection and provides important information for future studies of PCSK9 mutants and for investigations on the function of this regulator of cholesterol homeostasis."..

    From PMID: 18631360, in Journal FEBS J , 2008


    There were 97 potential papers with PCSK9 and CHD.

    23932901 Managing the residual cardiovascular disease risk associated with HDL-cholesterol and triglycerides in statin-treated patients: a clinical update."Nutrition, metabolism, and cardiovascular diseases : NMCD"More Details
    23907036 The extended abnormalities in lipoprotein metabolism in familial hypercholesterolemia: developing a new framework for future therapies.International journal of cardiologyMore Details
    24161333 "AMG 145, A Monoclonal Antibody Against PCSK9, Facilitates Achievement of NCEP-ATP III LDL-C Goals Among High Risk Patients: An Analysis From the LAPLACE-TIMI 57 Trial."Journal of the American College of CardiologyMore Details
    24094767 "Effect of an RNA interference drug on the synthesis of proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) and the concentration of serum LDL cholesterol in healthy volunteers: a randomised, single-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 1 trial."LancetMore Details
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    NOTEs: These result is mostly from TEXT-MINING and there might have mismatches.

    PPI interactions

    There were totally 2 unique genes interacted with PCSK9. Show PPI network

    Gene nameInteraction typereference PMIDCHD relation
    PCSK9 in vitro12552133,14622975 CHD related
    LDLR in vitro17435765 CHD related

    Involved FDA drugs

    There was no drug associated with PCSK9