How to Build CHD@ZJU

CHD related Articles were retrieved from Pubmed, by entering keywords "coronary heart disease" and constrict the publish date from 2000/1/1 to now (2013/1/23). As a result, totally 115898 articles were found and their abstracts were downloaded for text mining. Since some articles didn't contain abstracts, only 88396 abstracts remained.

The text-mining process to get CHD related genes could be divided in to 5 following steps:

  • 1) Extracting all keywords from abstracts and ignoring those keywords start with numbers. 101402 keywords were extracted.

  • 2) Input these keywords into Gene library in ArrayTrack and find possible related genes. 4674 genes were then found.

  • 3) Put these 4674 genes again into pubmed abstracts to find related aticles. Only genes which offical name or there keyword description (such as prolactin for gene PRL) could be found in the abstract would be remained. As a result, 1247 genes were remained.

  • 4) Manually examined on the 1247 genes to validate it was acutally related to CHD. Some genes would be filtered if it represents other meanings (such as gene CAD, Entrez ID:790, carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase 2, is mostly meant coronary arterial disease in articles). 681 genes were then validated with at least one reference.

  • 5) All genes was compared with 1078 CHD genes in RGD database, and 370 genes were overlapped. These 370 genes were labels as "RGD_Supported" and the other 293 genes were labels as "REFERED". All 663 genes had supported references in CHD@ZJU which were examined by step 4.
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    Basic Information

    Gene Name: SHBG

    Description: sex hormone-binding globulin

    Entrez Gene ID: 6462

    SwissProt Acc Number: P04278

    RefSeq: NM_001040

    It was supported literatures to be a novel CHD related gene:

    .."The importance of the (TAAAA)n alleles at the SHBG gene promoter for the severity of coronary artery disease in postmenopausal women. Menopause (New York, N.Y.)"..

    From PMID: 18188141, in Journal Menopause. , 2008


    There were 25 potential papers with SHBG and CHD.

    23706278 A J-shaped association between plasma testosterone and risk of ischemic arterial event in elderly men: the French 3C cohort study.MaturitasMore Details
    22572464 Estradiol/Testosterone Imbalance: Impact on Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors in Postmenopausal Women.CardiologyMore Details
    23192056 Association of stromal-derived factor-1 alpha and endogenous sex hormones in men aged over 50 years with stable coronary artery disease.Advances in medical sciencesMore Details
    21566412 Baseline data from the TRiUS registry: symptoms and comorbidities of testosterone deficiency.Postgraduate medicineMore Details
    21367421 Endogenous hormones and coronary heart disease in postmenopausal women.AtherosclerosisMore Details
    21715525 Low free testosterone levels are associated with all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in postmenopausal diabetic women.Diabetes careMore Details
    20554712 "Prospective association of serum androgens and sex hormone-binding globulin with subclinical cardiovascular disease in young adult women: the ""Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults"" women's study."The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolismMore Details
    19765778 Sex hormone-binding globulin and lipid profile in pubertal children.Metabolism: clinical and experimentalMore Details
    18849030 Sex hormone levels and subclinical atherosclerosis in postmenopausal women: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis.AtherosclerosisMore Details
    18728170 Relations between endogenous androgens and estrogens in postmenopausal women with suspected ischemic heart disease.The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolismMore Details
    18188141 The importance of the (TAAAA)n alleles at the SHBG gene promoter for the severity of coronary artery disease in postmenopausal women."Menopause (New York, N.Y.)"More Details
    18056923 Associations of serum sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels with SHBG gene polymorphisms in the CARDIA Male Hormone Study.American journal of epidemiologyMore Details
    17275897 Associations of androgens with physical activity and fitness in young black and white men: the CARDIA Male Hormone Study.Preventive medicineMore Details
    16198072 The effect of continuous combined HRT on glucose homeostasis and plasma lipids. A placebo-controlled study in postmenopausal women with type 2 diabetes.MaturitasMore Details
    16712667 "Circulating osteoprotegerin is correlated with lipid profile, insulin sensitivity, adiponectin and sex steroids in an ageing male population."Clinical endocrinologyMore Details
    16159908 "Relationship between androgenic hormones and arterial stiffness, based on longitudinal hormone measurements."American journal of physiology. Endocrinology and metabolismMore Details
    15860391 The relationship between sex hormones and lipid profile in men with coronary artery disease.International journal of cardiologyMore Details
    15741256 Association of hyperandrogenemic and metabolic phenotype with carotid intima-media thickness in young women with polycystic ovary syndrome.The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolismMore Details
    15775731 Insulin sensitivity in women with coronary heart disease during hormone replacement therapy.Journal of women's health (2002)More Details
    15613437 "Sex hormone-binding globulin and insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-1 as indicators of metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular risk, and mortality in elderly men."The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolismMore Details
    15755867 Heritability of plasma sex hormones and hormone binding globulin in adult male twins.The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolismMore Details
    16311096 Does androgen excess contribute to the cardiovascular risk profile in postmenopausal women with type 2 diabetes?Metabolism: clinical and experimentalMore Details
    15777555 Sex hormone-binding globulin is a major determinant of the lipid profile: the PRIME study.AtherosclerosisMore Details
    15043507 Evidence for a complex risk profile in obese postmenopausal Turkish women with hypertriglyceridaemia and elevated apolipoprotein B."Clinical science (London, England : 1979)"More Details
    15513323 "Circulating concentrations of hemostatic factors and two ""steroid sensitive proteins"" during oral hormone replacement therapy in women with coronary heart disease."Scandinavian journal of clinical and laboratory investigationMore Details

    NOTEs: These result is mostly from TEXT-MINING and there might have mismatches.

    PPI interactions

    There were totally 63 unique genes interacted with SHBG. Show PPI network

    Gene nameInteraction typereference PMIDCHD relation
    C17orf65 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    FYTTD1 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    HYI Two-hybrid15862967 No
    RMND5B Two-hybrid15862967 No
    CECR5 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    AKR1B1 Two-hybrid15862967 CHD related
    SORD Two-hybrid15862967|15862967 CHD related
    CTSD Two-hybrid15862967 No
    KLK4 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    ACPP Two-hybrid15862967 No
    PLA2G4A Two-hybrid15862967 CHD related
    AZGP1 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    AK2 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    PKM2 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    ATP5A1 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    APEH Two-hybrid15862967 No
    SHBG Two-hybrid15862967|3702459,15862967 CHD related
    APOD Two-hybrid15862967 No
    A2M Two-hybrid15862967 No
    SRI Two-hybrid15862967|15862967 No
    TINAGL1 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    PTGDS Two-hybrid15862967 CHD related
    MT1F Two-hybrid15862967 No
    MT1G Two-hybrid15862967 No
    MT2A Two-hybrid15862967 CHD related
    UBE3A Two-hybrid15862967|15862967 No
    UBE2O Two-hybrid15862967 No
    PACSIN2 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    SEMA3F Two-hybrid15862967 CHD related
    PLP2 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    SLC37A4 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    FLOT1 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    CD177 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    CLDN4 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    MPDU1 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    AP1B1 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    AP2A1 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    ACTA2 Two-hybrid15862967 CHD related
    ACTB Two-hybrid15862967 No
    ACTG2 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    COL1A2 Two-hybrid15862967 CHD related
    DSTN Two-hybrid15862967 No
    DES Two-hybrid15862967 No
    PSTPIP1 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    FLNA Two-hybrid15862967 No
    NOMO1 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    EEF1A1 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    EIF3E Two-hybrid15862967 CHD related
    SRF Two-hybrid15862967 CHD related
    MXD4 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    APOBEC3C Two-hybrid15862967 No
    SNRNP70 Two-hybrid15862967 No
    DDX3Y Two-hybrid15862967 No
    SNAPIN yeast 2-hybrid15862967 No
    SLC37A1 yeast 2-hybrid15862967 No
    ZC3H12A yeast 2-hybrid15862967 No
    GRB2 Two-hybrid18624398 CHD related
    CLEC4G Two-hybrid18624398 No
    PSTPIP2 yeast 2-hybrid15862967 No
    EIF3F yeast 2-hybrid15862967 No
    JMJD7-PLA2G4B yeast 2-hybrid15862967 No
    CEP192 yeast 2-hybrid15862967 No
    C9orf24 yeast 2-hybrid15862967 No

    Involved FDA drugs

    There was no drug associated with SHBG