Basic Informations of 5-AMP-activated protein kinase catalytic subunit alpha-1

Entrez Gene ID: 105787 [Pubmed]

UniProt Protein Name: 5-AMP-activated protein kinase catalytic subunit alpha-1

UniProt ID: Q5EG47

Related Drug:

DrugBank IDDrug Name
DB00171Adenosine triphosphate
DB00131Adenosine monophosphate


PMID:17116771|Circulation. 2006;114:2655-2662
..." Mice given atorvastatin through gastric gavage showed increased AMPK, acetyl-CoA carboxylase, and endothelial NO synthase phosphorylation in mouse aorta and myocardium."...

PMID:18040027|Circulation. 2007;116:2809-2817
...CR also increased the phosphorylated form of AMP-activated protein kinase and acetyl-CoA carboxylase in WT but not in Ad-AS mice...

PMID:18040027|Circulation. 2007;116:2809-2817
...The cardioprotective effects of short-term CR are mediated by increased production of adiponectin and the associated activation of AMP-activated protein kinase....

PMID:20606117|Circulation. 2010;122:282-292
..."An impaired MIF-AMPK activation response in senescence thus may be attributed to an aging-associated defect in hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha, the transcription factor for MIF. "...

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