Basic Informations of Interferon gamma

Entrez Gene ID: 15978 [Pubmed]

UniProt Protein Name: Interferon gamma

UniProt ID: P01580

Related Drug:

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PMID:16940188|Circulation. 2006;114:1293-1300
..."Besides inhibiting IFN-gamma responses, heparin has further immunomodulatory effects by competing for binding with IP-10, I-TAC, and Mig on endothelial cells. "...

PMID:17242282|Circulation. 2007;115:501-508
..."However, FTY720 lowered blood lymphocyte count (at a high dose) and significantly interfered with lymphocyte function, as evidenced by reduced splenocyte proliferation and interferon-gamma levels in plasma. "...

PMID:17420351|Circulation. 2007;115:2168-2177
...The accumulation of apoptotic material is associated with a reduction in interleukin-10 in the spleen but an increase in interferon-gamma production in both the spleen and the atherosclerotic arteries. ...

PMID:17909108|Circulation. 2007; 116:1801-1811
...The reduced percentage of CXCR6+ T cells within the aortas resulted in significantly diminished production of interferon-gamma and reduction of CD11b+/CD68+ macrophages in the aorta....

PMID:20176988|Circulation. 2010;121:1124-1133
..."The deficiency of CD137 induced a reduction in atherosclerotic plaque lesions in both atherosclerosis mouse models, which was attributed to the downregulation of cytokines such as interferon-gamma, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha. "...

PMID:18332263|Circulation. 2008;117:1574-1582
..."Myocardial interferon-beta1, interferon-gamma, interleukin-6, interleukin-10, and macrophage inflammatory protein-1alpha expression was elevated in MMP-9 KO mice as measured by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction and ELISA."...

PMID:19139386|Circulation. 2009;119:426-435
..."The present study defines a novel pathway in which interferon-gamma and its effector, CXCL10, contribute to divergent pathways in abdominal aortic aneurysm versus plaque formation, inhibiting the former pathology but promoting the latter. "...

PMID:19528340|Circulation. 2009;119:3181-3188
...CXCL16/SR-PSOX is an interferon-gamma-regulated chemokine and scavenger receptor for oxidized low-density lipoprotein that is expressed in atherosclerotic lesions. ...

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