(I)Disease relationship network

Example: Disease Comparison "1+2" or "1 2" are accepted
NOTICE: Each time,please select only 2 diseases for comparison

Disease IDDisease NameNumber of Targets
1AneurysmTotally 35 targets
2ArrhythmiasTotally 10 targets
3AtherosclerosisTotally 289 targets
4CardiomyopathyTotally 136 targets
5Coronary Heart DiseaseTotally 229 targets
6Heart FailureTotally 190 targets
7HypertensionTotally 39 targets
8Inflammatory Heart DiseaseTotally 16 targets
9peripheral artery diseaseTotally 52 targets

(II)Whole Cardiovascular Disease Network (CVD network)

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Num.Node NameNode Type

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NOTICE: Since the whole CVD network is large, this process might take your 30 seconds ~2 minutes according to the network status.