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IVHi, Influenza Virus-Host interactions, is a database designed for influenza virus-host interactions research. Influenza virus infection has been a major concern worldwide, which causes millions death each year. However, influenza vaccine has to be reformed annually and is not efficient enough for infections by pandemic influenza viruses. Drug resistance is another serious problem for influenza virus infection treatment. Under the system influenza research paradigm, which takes the virus and its host as a whole system, modelling influenza virus-host interaction was valuable for influenza virus drug development. IVHi, provides a comprehensive collections of host factors associated with influenza, including related genes and proteins, as well as non-coding RNA. Influenza virus-host interactions are collected from diverse resources. In addition, we collected and reconstructed pathways and mathematical models related to influenza viruses life cycle as well as the host innate immune system. IVHi will be powerful resources for system influenza research.

 IVHi - Influenza Virus-Host Interactions
The Paradigm of IVHi Database.
3D protein Structure of H1N1.
Pathways and Models.
3D protein Structure of H1N1.
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  • No. of Host factors(Gene & Proteins): 1682
  • No. of Host factors(MicroRNAs): 932
  • No. of IV-Host Protein Interactions: 17927
  • No. of MiRNA-Target Interactions: 52959
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