Frequetly Asked Questions    

1.  Why choose us ?
A:  Massgraph is a new rule-based fragmentation approach for MSn data interpretation. Using flavonoids as a case study, we demonstrate that MassGraph displays relatively high precision in fragments interpretation and compounds identification, which would contribute significantly to natural product based drug discovery.

2.  How to use Massgraph ?
A:  MassGraph is built for query for MSn spectrum of a single chemical compound and returning a series of ranked candidate compounds and their fragment graphs. The concrete operation is as below.
(1). Spectrum Search:
After a moment, the result will be retrevied. Users can easily understand by following this guide:

3.  What kind of spectrum can be searched in MassGraph for MSn data interpretion ?
A:  MassGraph was designed for natural products MSn data interpretion. We selected flavonoids for case study. Till now, only flavonoids are available here. However, we firmly believe that other classes of natural products will be online soon.

4.  Can MassGraph classify the stereoisomer in natural products ?
A:  Sorry to say, no. We only considered the 2D-structrue of one compound.

5.  Do you collect users' MS data when they search ?
A:  No.

6.  Why not consider the relative abundance ?
A:  It hard for us to predict the relative abundance due to the varied conditions of the LC-MS experiment.

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