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Multi-stage Mass Spectrum

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Molecular Formula:

  • Fill the column 'Molecular Formula' with the formula you queried for. Notice that order the atoms as C--> H--> O. For example: C27H30O16

Molecular Ion Weight:

  • Fill the column 'Molecular Ion Weight with the molecular ion weight you queried for (better for high-resolution data) together with the 'error' (ppm).Remember transporting the molecular ion to [M+H]+ or [M-H]-.
  • If you filled colums with both 'Molecular Formula' and 'Molecular Ion Weight', the tool will defaultly select the 'Molecular Formula' as query information and the 'error' will be ignored.

Multi-stage Mass Spectrum:

  • 'precursor ion 1' to 'precursor ion 5' (five columns on the left) reserve the seats for precursor ions. Fill at least one of them with an integer. 'product ions 1' to 'product ions 5' (five columes on the right side) reserve the seats for the product ions. If you have more than one product ion generate by the same precursor ion, separate them with a comma between each other. Please use integer,too.

Ion mode:

  • select the ion mode, either positive or negative.

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