The Potential Target Database of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM-PTD) is a platform for scientists who are interested in TCM research. TCM-PTD integrates TCMs, ingredients, FDA-Approved drugs and targets, offering users to get useful information from an interactive interface.

How to use TCM-PTD?

We offered two kinds of functions for users in different research areas.

  • If you are focused on TCM research, you might need:
  • (1) Find potential target(s) of a TCM or from a prescription with known compounds

    (2) Find potential target of some special ingredients extracted from TCMs

    See Search I) TCM potential targets

  • If you are focused on drug discovery, you might need:
  • (1) Find potential drug candidates extracted from TCM, which has activities on speical target

    (2) Find drug candidates with similar biological activity with current drugs

    See Search II) Find candidate TCMs or ingredients

    How did you predict the potential target of TCMs?

    We developed a predicting model, which based on current known relationships between FDA-approved drugs and targets, to calculate a score between every TCM ingredient and targets. Only targets with top 10 scores for each ingredients and those scores >0.9 were considered as potential targets. This kind of predicting algorithm was based on QSAR and PseAcc, and modeling via Support Vector Machine (SVM) with linear kernel.

    In Version 1.0, only 8,777 compounds in 387 TCMs were used. Also we only used 1401 FDA-approved Drugs to train and construct the predicitng model. In further development, we would use extra relationships from experimental drugs and targets, and also extend our database to more TCMs and ingredients

    We calculated those tcm-target relationship in Matlab, which means the website is only to store and show those relationships. So currently it is unavailable to calculate a totally novel compounds or drugs online via website.

    How can I cite TCM-PTD?

    We hope all articles who used the result of TCM-PTD can cite the website address below:

    How can I get data from TCM-PTD?

    In current version, You can search and see detailed information of TCM, TCM ingredients, FDA-approved drugs and targets from the Browsers web. We would offer the whole data download in Download website soon.