Get Started

Get TCM potential targets

For TCMs:

1. input TCM name (e.g Renshen) and click SEARCH

   You can input multiple keywords with "+" to connect them, like " danshen+sanqi "

2. See the potential targets of TCMs and their Frequency and Scores.

3. Select Compounds from the TCMs to construct TCM ingredient-target network

For ingredients:

1. input TCM ingredients name (e.g Tanshinone IIA) and click SEARCH

2. See the potential targets of the chemical of TCM.

Find candidate TCMs and ingredients

1. Input your interested chemical drugs or targets to find out the possible candidate TCMs or ingredients. (See examples)

2. See the detailed information or find TCM candidates of the interested chemical drugs or targets.

I) TCM potential targets


Example: 丹参 (danshen)

For TCM ingredients

Example: 丹参酮IIA (TanshinoneⅡA)

II) Find candidate TCMs or ingredients

Chemical Drug query

Example: Acetaminophen

Target query

Example: Prostaglandin G/H synthase (Cox)