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Gene Expression profiles of diabetes and its complications

GEO data setDiseaseSample
GSE55389Diabetic retinopathyneuroretina
GSE36875Type 2 diabetesheart
GSE38642Type 2 diabetespancreatic islets
GSE26887Diabetic ischemic heart failureleft ventricle cardiac biopsies
GSE17576Insulin resistanceskeletal muscle
GSE24637Type 2 diabetesvarious tissues
GSE27382Diabetic neuropathysciatic nerve
GSE13760Type 2 diabetesmammary artery specimens
GSE26168Type 2 diabetesblood
GSE27951Type 2 diabetesadipose tissue
GSE25462Type 2 diabetesskeletal muscle
GSE23343Type 2 diabetespercutaneous needle liver biopsies
GSE25724Type 2 diabetesislet of Langerhans
GSE19420Type 2 diabetesskeletal muscle
GSE15653Type 2 diabetesliver
GSE9006Type 1 or 2 diabetes peripheral blood mononuclear cells
GSE20966Type 2 diabetes pancreatic beta-cells
GSE12643Type 2 diabetes myotube cell
GSE16415Type 2 diabetes visceral adipose omentum tissues
GSE8524Insulin resistance skeletal muscles
GSE1080Type 2 diabetes various insulin-sensitive tissues
GSE710Diabetic nephropathy kidneys
GSE642Diabetic nephropathykidneys
GSE54917Diabetesskeletal muscle
GSE46600InsulitisCD4 T-cells
GSE39752Type 1 diabetesliver
GSE35096Insulitispancreatic CD45+ cells
GSE37294Non-obese diabeticsplenic B cells
GSE26147Type 1 diabetespancreatic islets
GSE7253Diabetic nephropathykidney cortex
GSE11343Diabetic neuropathysciatic nerve
GSE6813Type 1 diabetes CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells
GSE12639Diabetic model with acute myocardial infarctionzone tissues of left ventricular
GSE15320Type 1 diabetesdendritic cells
GSE24290Diabetic neuropathysural nerve
GSE24687Type 1 diabeteskidney proximal tubular cells
GSE12610Diabetic retinaretina
GSE17635Type 1 diabetesendothelial progenitor cells
GSE4990Type 1 diabetesmast cells
GSE4656Type 2 diabetesbrown adipose tissues
GSE4420Type 2 diabetessubcutaneous fat tissues 
GSE4616Diabetesdiabetic cardiac muscle
GSE4953Type 1 diabetesautoimmune target organs
GSE4745Diabetic cardiomyopathyventricles
GSE3068Diabetesrear leg muscles
GSE2557Diabetic kidney diseaserenal mesangial MES-13 cells
GSE2470Pancreas of models of diabetespancreas
GSE1659Type 1 diabetesskeletal muscle
GSE1623Type 1 diabetespancreas
GSE1009Diabetic nephropathykidneys 
GSE13271Diabetesliver, muscle, adipose